Confusing recent break up and kind of just need to know what to do?

I was seeing this girl for 2 months. Everything was clicking and got to the point where it had felt we knew each other longer. On a Friday night we had one of those long long talks where after you feel like wow we have the same direction as to where we want this to go. Said by both if us. Then 2 days later she is all upset and distraught about her family issues and conetely shuts me out and says we can't be together now cause she needs to focus on her kids problems. She would explain the problem to me so I let it be and left her alone. Later I get a text saying I really like you and our time together. Each conversation after that day hasn't been great. She said she needs to figure how to juggle family and me at the same time but can't be together. So what should I do.


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  • I guess we have to respect what people feel and give them what they want. Sometimes you have to let them go to see life Everything happens for a reason and maybe she is not the one and it's just the universe letting you know that. Stay strong

  • I think you fall for her too soon, obvious its seems like there is something that she is keeping from you.


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