To call or not to call... any thoughts?

ok, hi everyone... it's my first post and i'll try to be brief.
For the past 5 months i was with that girl but due to summer vacations she had to go back to her hometown, she is a student in the local Uni. Anyway at the beggining everything was perfect, calls everyday more than once, sexting etc.
But the last weeks were awfull she was geting mad for nothing , she didn't reply to my calls i told her if she wanted a break and she was all sorry and no and she was just to stress up with work and some health problems with her.
Until the day i was sick i told her to give me a kiss so i can heal she told me she won't , at the begging i thought she was mad before the next day we had a fight but then i ask her when she is gona give teh kiss and she said "i don;t know" i ask why and she told me to think...
I end it up telling her that we were awsome when we were together but the last 2 weaks she was indifrent and SHE had to think and that it would be good to stop talking or message until she come back. She replied that she wasn't indifrent or anything deeper but yeah somewhere lost, and that i ought to her to see each other... i didn't reply now she is back for 5 days and hasn't message me... should i?


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  • She sounds like trouble. Don't call

    • heeey thanks for teh input. At first yeah i was determine not to... but now i start to have doubds and think if she expects me to make contact

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