How would u react if she said forget about her and move on?

This girl I was seeing I kind of screwed things up with. She cut me off and has been ignoring me but I know she liked me a lot because she told me that she did. But now a few months later she's completely ignoring me. I kept on texting her so she finally texted back today and told me I need to forget about her and move on already.

it was kind of a rude text. But how did she already move on? i know it's been a few months but we were seeing each other for maybe 2 years. I really liked her too I mean I always contacted her and told her where I was treated her like my gf but i just didn't want to be exclusive i didn't know what i wanted. now i miss her and i want to talk to her but she ignores me then tells me to forget her.

why would she tell me that? how is she already over me? should i give up?


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  • The same thing happened to me.. I mean its been 2 weeks since he said that to me. And i really dont know if he really means it. But i really liked him.. But the best thing is to act like you dont care. And be happy:) and then they will realize that you can live without them. And that you dont need them:)


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  • Dude move on. You messed up deal with the consequences. That's life.

    • what if she's not really over me? maybe she's just still mad. she obviously is from her text
      i'm thinking to wait a few weeks and try again

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    • Your welcome man. Good luck.

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  • A guy did the same thing to me and I hate him now he still didn't get back to me yet it's been 5 days since no contact so now if he comes back I will def talk to him but if comes back after several months I won't even bother

  • Same thing is happening to me dude. maybe she's not over you but she's trying to move on thats why she said that. And giving up is on you. Maybe you should let her go and if she really did love you she'll come back. I know its hard I feel you 💁


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