Help me? I don't know anymore?

My body is aching. It actually hurts to breathe rn. I feel like I'm loosing myself all over again, mentally & emotionally. I'm just not right , But I seriously think life is wrong with me , the fact that I actually get sad at night.., every night and can't sleep unless the sun is up because it makes me feel better , the thought of another year of school really upsets me. I feel better one month then hurt the next and it's an ongoing battle that I don't know if I can fight anymore, I'm really going crazy & I'm so tired & I am trying my hardest to get better but I just can't. I constantly find myself looking for ways people can hurt me so i don't have to hurt myself. It honestly feels like someone, is in my head. & they are slowly persuading me to take my own life. I've tried therapy & medications and writing how I feel down but nothing ever works & I'm so scared because I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. I've never experienced anything like this. Me and him broke up a year ago & it's like this heart break & my depression are really trying to kill me. I've suffered for 5 years now & stopped taking medications 3 years ago. My ex & me broke up for I don't know what , but I haven't been myself I've been 10 times
Worse. Advice?


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  • why dont you make some travels in order to forget you know what they say travel braodens the mind you need to travel and meet new people in order to forget the ones that hurt you come in greece the beautiful beaches there especially in the summer will amaze you, people with humour will make you always laugh, plenty of food famous greek souvlaki you know cheap anad delicious, many hot guys like me will treat you with the best way.


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  • If you are religious pray. Or contact someone to pray for you.

    I know I'm a stranger but I'll message you my number if you so you can talk anytime. I know how it feels to be down and out. You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it. And the good thing is this about this form of depression your having , it seems you want out. That you want to make a change !!


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  • Looks like panic attacks.


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