What should I do about me and my ex? We were super serious about each other, like skyping every night and texting all day?

I gave my ex girlfriend a promise ring at are one year anniversary. She was my first in everything and I was her first in everything. We had a strong long distance relationship or so I thought. Our families know each other so well that we are already practically family. So this summer she wanted to get a job so she applied to two places and interviewed with both, one place wanted to hire her on the spot the other place wanted her to go through training. So I convinced her to go with the place that was hiring on the spot which was a grocery store. Well turns out that everyone she worked with was at least 7 years older than her. She then went to work from 10 pm to 2 or 7 am everyday this past summer. I told her to be careful and watch out for creeps well I thought she would be safe in the store. But everyone she worked with convinced her she needed to dump me and go out with this guy who is 25 and she is 19. They were always objectifying her like telling her she had a nice ass. And they were always talking sexual things around her. She was this sweet innocent Christian girl. I don't know if she slept with him or not but she sure broke up with me. Then I asked her if this had anything to do with that guy and she straight up lied to me. Her grandma even told me this had something to do with her crush from work. I looked this guy up and he's way older than her and she barely knows anything about him. I love her so much but it's killing me inside because yes she went to college away from that guy but he is still a friend on Facebook and I don't want to see anything bad happen to her. The first time after her senior prom she wanted to have sex and I wanted to wait so I made her wait 6 months then we finally did it. I've flown halfway around the country to be with her, driven 15 hours one time to be with her. And she does this to me. I never once even looked at another girl when I was with her. I hardly hung out with my friends because I hated being away from her.
  • Should I give her the six month no contact rule she wanted.
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  • Should I show her the DVD I made for her with pics of us and her favorite love songs.
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  • Should I just move on, even thought my heart skips a beat when I hear her name or see her face.
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  • Should I just tell her I know what happened with this other guy yet I still want to be with her.
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  • she is not for you! the fact that she broke up with you because a bunch of people possibly pressured her into dating another guy is just wrong! also it may be for the best, seeing as it was a long diastase relationship, when around you she could seem like the sweet innocent christian girl you talk about, but when away from you, she could be someone completely different. By moving on you can find someone more trustworthy and less susceptible to peer pressure! good luck!

  • give her the six month no contact rule, delete her number from your phone (trust me you will be reeeeally tempted to contact her) block her on Facebook and try not to cry over pictures you have with her. Basically give her the six months that she wants and in those six months try and move on. seriously, forget about her, she is not worth it. First love is the hardest to get over but you need to forget about her. when those six months are up, if you want to, unblock her but don't contact her, let her be the first to contact you (if she chooses to contact you) if she doesn't then sorry, she moved on too and if she does, well, i personally wouldn't take her back and i'd make it clear that i no longer liked her and want to be strictly friends, nothing more but that's my opinion and how i would cope in this situation

    • What if I've already contacted her as a friend and only that?

    • if you've already contacted her, text her once more, tell her you are going to do the six month no contact rule and tell her not to text you in those six months, no matter what, and then delete her number and start the moving on process

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