Maybe over thinking it... but is this a good sign?

So my crush ended it with me because of some false rumors were said about me. He didn't believe me just the random people that told him. Let's just say things ended horrible with us. He didn't believe me that it wasn't true and I kept telling him that I'm not a liar and that he shouldn't listen to other people.

We weren't official but we were dating for 4 months and it was the best time ever. We stopped talking for three weeks and it sucked. Im still not over him, I think about him all the time...

So just the other day out of nowhere he decided to text me... nothing special just saying hi and how Im doing. We didn't talk at all yesterday but he texted me this morning saying hi and continuing our conversation from earlier. Then I asked him if he wanted to go to the concert next week with me because after all I did buy him the ticket..

He texted back saying he's not sure, and how he Hates how this thing happened between us when we were still getting to know each other... I told him I felt the same and also that if he does come it doesn't have to be anything, just friends going and having a good time and we can just start fresh.

He didn't text back yet because he's working a double. But I don't know is that a good sign that he's slowly but surely talking to me again? I just hope he will come to to the concert with me so we can start fresh. I would do anything to see him again... it just sucked that he couldn't believe me about the whole situation.


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