My ex boyfriend is back online, when he tells me he pretty much tells me he is not relationship ready? Felt like I got told a whole lot of BS?

My ex boyfriend and I were together for almost 3 months. I treated him well, was very honest and open with him. Yet this was not good enough.

I could tell he was starting to distance himself from me 2 weeks after we became official. 2 weeks after we had slept together funnily enough. I did not do that till we were actually together.

It was like it all of a sudden got to real for him and he backed off and shut down on me. We talked about it. Mostly me. After the talk he said he was fine. Then a week after that he dumped me! Saying something was missing. It felt like he never knew me at all, with all the excuses he was coming up with.

2 weeks later I get this text apologising to me about how things went with us. How he hoped I was well. That he was not ready himself with his vices he is not happy with. Hoped it would not be weird if we bumped into each other again.

And yes. No the whole spiel about, when he is saying he is not ready for a relationship, it means with you. But. At the time it did seem like he was genuinely not ready, the way he kept going on about what he does not have and his ex girlfriend. He does not make a lot of money either. It probably did not help that I made more then he did.

2 months later when I decide to start dating again. Went back online and see that he is already there. Seriously? Felt like what he mentioned above was all BS. Just to make himself feel better for what happened.

It hurt like hell seeing that especially after that text he sent me. Left feeling confused. I know I was not that bad. His ex girlfriend of 7 years cheated on him. I had never even done anything like that! He had a few ex issues as well.

Why lie about not being ready? Surprised he is back online with all the issues, including ex ones, he has and unrealistic expectations he has for a girl which he never even mentions, just assumes you will know if you were meant to be. Girls are not mind readers. Good luck to him.
I have been good though. Not contacting him at all. He will probably think I will now but I won't. Just very surprised how someone can be like this and say those things and lie like that.


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  • He doesn't Know What He Wants, I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Leave Him Alone, & Cut All Contact, Allow Your Feelings & Emotions To Die Down...

    • Oh I have. Feel sorry for whoever gets involved with him next. It's not fair when a guy is like this. He should sort himself out first.

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