How do I forget my first love?

I have been in love with this person for almost a year. He is the most amazing person i have ever met. But recently we broke up. But i still love him.. But he doesn't anymore. I dont know how that could happen but he doesn't. I would do anything. Anything. Literally. But I cant. I need to move on but i dont know how when everytime i see him in the hallway i wish i could kiss him or hug him. Instead we share smiles.. So how could i really get over my baby? How can i truly stop feeling sad and depressed? How can I stop feeling like this towards him..


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  • Time is the best way. You'll find someone new in time. Just be yourself.


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  • It sounds like you're going through the same thing i was. Over a year ago i was going out with a guy and then he broke up with me over the summer. Sophmore year was hell seeing him in the halls everyday. Once this summer started my mind went to a spot. Now it just seems like the guy i dated faded away. The guy i see in the halls (same dude), it doesn't seem like a guy I ever dated. He looks familiar, and I hate him for some reason. My mind did me a favor and basically erased some of my memory, or put it waaaay way in the back of my mind. So time will heal you. sometimes time doesn't seem to go fast enough, but it will. Trust me.

    by the way this was all the same guy, i was being metaphorical and im not sure if you can understand or not. Lemme know if you do


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