I want to know, is she being true?

hi everyone. im gonna try to keep this as brief as possible. i broke up with my girlfriend a couple weeks ago. i caught cheating through her phone. she has been with 3 other people besides myself. i think its 1 after the other. i was left unphased. i thought i would be angry and upset. but i was more relieved for myself since i kinda suspected the cheating. i didn't speak to her for a couple days and i finally set a meet with her when i answered her call. in a nutshell... she thanked me for catching her. she didn't know how to stop. she felt like she was the shit. she realized she messed up big time. she said she knows that she will be with me for the rest of her life because that's what she wants. she knows im the one for her, and it scares her. I don't know if she wanted to be wild or what. she said these people didn't mean nothing what so ever. we have a long distant relationship, and she always wanted a place of our own. she said that was one of the biggest things she really wanted and it never happened. she was very unhappy. i have always gave her space and not be one of those guys who is insecure and always harass their girlfriend. that's what happened to her in her previous relationship. Now... i feel as though i gave her too much freedom and too much space at the same time of us living distant. she is weak minded i am strong minded. i told her if you want things to work you will respect me and match my strength. i never gave her any satisfaction whether i want things to work or not. i dont care as of now. im just simply eating popcorn and watching what she does now. i told her she has to change everything about herself. she started immediately. changed her friends, her number, her appearance. she treats me great. i was shocked, but i am still calm. i know people will say just leave her she's no good. some will say give another try. i dont really know what to do. i dont know her intentions, if its true or not. please help. im 30 she's 25.


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  • This just screams of lies from her. She'll do it again, I'd wager..


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