When my ex turned up, was she waiting for me to talk to her?

We had the ugliest of break-ups and in a way, it was neither of our fault. I know that we both hurt a lot over it, because it was so painful, although my ex listened too much to her cuz (fool) who implied I am a player etc, when I am not- did absolutely nothing wrong.

2 months later after no communication or seeing each other, I swallowed my pride and texted that she should feel free to visit the club we both go to (and met) and maybe we'd bump into each other, maybe not- (I didn't want to be the reason she changed the way she lives her life, just because we're avoiding each other). We loved each other so much but we are from difficult backgrounds. It felt dumb to pretend we could live life as if we did not exist to each other. Being friends might be tough, but better than this pain.

She actually turned up, 2 weeks after I texted her. I could not bring myself to talk to her, because I still feel I was wronged. She did not approach me, but she never did before and is not the type to take the initiative, even IN the relationship- sometimes I wanted her just to TELL me to come here, now!

Anyway, my question is- was she waiting for me to talk to her? Should I tell her- 'I would have spoken to you but?'


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  • I don't think one occurrence is enough to decide the answer to that question. See if she continues to show up and is she glancing at you and giving you signals. If she's nottrying to even engage you from a distance at all then your Asher would be no, she's just picking back up where she left off, but if she's giving you looks and passing by , you etc, she's probably wanting you to talk to her.

    • Thanks - it's really tough - hard to explain, but I feel really weak recently. She walked past me as you describe and was kind of hiding and watching me (I saw her in corner of my eye). The thing is, I'm not sure I have the energy anymore. At the start of the relationship I kind of really hunted her (in a nice way, lol), so I'm thinking she expects that again. Thanks, anyway...

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    • Lol, you said it! I worked out that I had moved on, but when I saw her, I thought I was fine but a few days later our past and split was spinning around my head again! Nice to hear this from someone else, instead of the logical voice in my mind that has to shout over the crazy voice...

    • Its always easier for somebody else to say rather than to live it! I've been there with the long amazing relationship that ends the wrong way leaving you wondering, but sometimes the best thing you can do is say, it was good and I grew from it! Never limit yourself with something that causes you those feelings. After a lot of off and on I learned my lesson. I found the real thing came very easily. Its work now, but I could NEVER see it any other way!

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  • I don't think she was. I think you were hoping she was so you're reading that into this situation


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