Does my ex bf still care / love me?

my ex bf broke up with me a year ago. We dated for 8.5 years. I was devastated for a really long time. We recently began speaking again. I should say he tried for MONTHS to talk to me & I refused. He emailed me a bunch.. Even went as far as to try to talk to my sister to get to me. I was soo hurt. Eventually I let my guard down & we began speaking casually. Then it became clear their were feelings still there for both of us. We've slept together a few times since June. He's told me he still cares & thinks about me all the time.

We talk all the time. I've noticed he texts me more & goes out of his way to talk to me usually about inside jokes or literally what he's done that day. I don't ask. He initiates all conversations. So the other night my dog was missing & he came over to help me look. ( didn't tell him he found out through a friend).
The next day he texted me about the dog and then said "Wanna cuddle? I have to work n go to school but i feel like you could use a good cuddle as well ha"

Sooo I went over his house. We watched tv & cuddled. I lied down on his chest & could feel his heart was pounding! I asked him if he was ok and he said he was fine... and then he started kissing me. It was pretty intense & romantic.

He's in school full time. & interning & working. I don't want to pressure him but I need to know if this means anything or am I being delusional about us possibly getting back together. I get a vibe like he's scared to get back together & he's very busy. But he goes out of his way to talk to me.. And hang out.

in my mind I feel like he wouldn't do that if he didn't care. Thoughts, opinions, suggestions please


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  • Answering your questions its obvious that he still cares for you told you and he wouldn't go through all this trouble and he definitely wouldn't just cuddle with anyone. As for getting back together I think it's in the future. He seems to be doing a lot and he may be waiting for one of those things (school, interning or work) to cool off so he could have more time to but into the relationship but it sounds very promising.

  • Rules, rules, rules!
    It looks like you two should be together. It's understandable that you're gun-shy.
    You didn't mention the reason for the breakup; but if it was infidelity, then stay broken up.
    Otherwise, cut each other some slack!


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