My soon to be ex husband wants to be friends. whats is this suppose to mean? I still love him and miss him a lot. I dont want to lose him forever,?

My husband moved out about a month ago, he got the divorce papers and has them filled out, I dont think he has turn them in yet. we have been together for 12 yrs,6 married 6 not. we have 2 children together as well. I want to get back together with him but he is acting difficult. I am doing the no contact thing with him, but not sure if I messed it up along the way. I dont answer his calls or texts as of yet. The other day my husband was sick with fever so I went to the store and bought him somethings, took him ibuprofen and antibiotic. my children wanted to see him so I took them and the stuff to him. He told my oldest it was "nice of me to do that" then I left the children with him for a few and they were wondering when I was gonna go to get them, so he talked to his mother who I happen to live with and she wanted to come with me to see him. So when we got over there I had bought him food and I walk in the apt and my child told me he got mad, so I left to the car. he was mad at his mom for going to, later he called her and apologized to her, he told my oldest he didn't want me to go there. the next day I went out of my way, went shopping dedicated time to make him soup, corn bread, steam cauliflower, brownie. So I took it dropped it of by the door and left. I text him like if I was my child and no reply so I text him saying for him to feel better enjoy, thinking it was a nice gesture. he ended up mad and saying he was gonna put a restraning order on me etc and that not to go by his mom ended up talking to him and saying if something happens to me that he could be blamed and that our children need their mom, ect, I heard her on the phone. I don't know if he felt guilty from everything.
he called but i didn't answer. then got the restraining order text, then he ended up texting me saying that he appreciates me making the food for him but im being irrational, he wants to be friends with me, if we can start that.
that we should be friends for the kids


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  • Why the hell a divorce after 12! years and 2 children..
    People thesr dayd never even try to work things out. Its sad..


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