Ex suddenly started showing up in the same places?

Ok so I don't wanna go into details but my ex broke up with me and in a really bad way because she had done it once before and then came back and then broke up again. We both meat at a dancing class. I've been dancing for years she just started last year we both fell in love almost from the beginning but after 8 months she had some problems with herself and broke up with me and went back to her ex and stopped dancing and hanging out with us. We haven't seen each other in months because she's been keeping away. But we did run into each other a few months back and I tried to talk to her with no success because she just blew me off telling me to get out of her sight and keep away from her.
But a couple of days something weird started happening I saw her rollerblading by a party one evening and it was twice in the span of 2 minutes on the same day that we ran into each other just hours earlier. Then the next day there was a party and she showed up just stopped by for 20 minutes and then left. Thing is she was on the other side of the floor and then moved with her friend so that she was just about 5 feet away from me and then just left. We didn't speak didn't even look at each other that much well I didn't look at her because I was doing my own thing trying not to be preoccupied by her.
Well what keeps echoing in my head is she told me to stay way from her now she's showing up in places she knows I'll be there and why if she saw me on the other side did she move closer if she wanted me to leave her alone.
I just don't get it if she's trying to reconnect or come back or whatever why doesn't she just pick up the phone and call me and say if we can go for a coffee or something or did she really just come back to hurt me some more because I was really hurt by her and I still am.
I know I don't have the right to say who can and can't go somewhere I just hopped she's stay away if she didn't care.
She showed up. We had a huge fight. She doesn't give a damn about me anymore. I think she might be laying a little. I'm done. I just hope she doesn't hurt me too much and that I can move on fast. Crap it hurts like hell like it never did before.


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  • I always believe in giving everyone a second shot, but she has done nothing but ditch you and dissh you from Day One, and with her little speech and blowing you off, it is her way of saying: Go to hell, leave me alone.
    She has this Problem child pattern of hurting you and Re-hurting you, and I see where she may be starting and stirring her old tricks up again. And with this little act, she is only putting on an 'Act' to get you where she wants you, use and abuse you and leave you in the lurches once more with------I was really hurt by her.
    Remember your feelings, remember how your heart felt, and every time you put it on your arm, she always manages to rip it off and 'Rollerblade' over it...
    Listen to your head, Not just to your heart this time. Do it right. Something is Definitely 'Echoing in my head to stay away from her now,' so do yourself as favor and Walk away from her forever... Avoid her at all costs.
    Good luck. xx

    • I believe in giving anybody a second or even a third chance. But yeah she really hurt me and I remember how it felt but I also remember how I felt when it was with her and I also know how I feel right now. For some reason I'm drawn top her and I just want to see her. I don't know what to do either just leave her alone and let it happen if she comes to me then let her or do I try to initiate contact or something. Try and talk to her or something. I just don't know what to do.

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    • I believe that people who you love you have to give them as many chances as your heat wants to give them and even when you decide it's enough I still leave it open just in case my feelings change back.
      So yeah I'll give her another chance I just don't want her to know that straight out.
      The problem is that the last time we spoke we had a huge fight and we both did things to try and hurt each other and never spoke again. When I saw her last week I ignored her because I wasn't sure what to do I didn't want to just run to her like she can do anything but I'm scared she was trying to get close and now she might think I might not care for her and I don't know how to get close to her again without looking desperate. :(
      I miss her like crazy. Today I almost went to see her at work I actually parked twice and went out of the car four times but chickened out each time because I don't want to look like a woos if she blows me off again.

    • I guess when you hit rock bottom with your poor heart attached, it would be enough... So okay, so be it, all you can do is try and see where all this leads to, and if it transpires, see where you both will go.

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  • I would stay away from this gal that is poison...
    but you seem infatuated so here's a story that matched her actions
    she quit dance class because her ex found a way to break you two up
    then he convinced her you were bad and was doing hurtful things to her behind her back
    so she would stiff arm you on sight
    then she began to figure out he was the bad one & that some of his stories were lies
    so began displaying herself to you in hopes you'd call her, want to get with her again
    (and forget her mean quips?)
    so she's on a fishing trip for you... but won't be the one to make the first move


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  • No Matter What She Says Her Feelings Are Still There For You, I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Just Continue Doing What Your Doing With Your Life & Ignore Her, Dont Take Her Back If She Happens To Try & Turn Over A New Leaf...


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