Dumped after a month and a half because ex "doesn't feel the same anymore"?

My ex and I had known each other for about a month before we started properly talking to each other, which was for about a month before we decided to start a relationship with each other. We have almost everything in common and we get along extremely well, and we seemed like the perfect couple.

For about a month, we were perfect. I slept over his a few times, but we didn't have sex, and he kept telling me how beautiful and perfect I was, and kept talking about us like we were going to be long-term, ie. meeting his family, best friend, plans for the future etc. He talked about us like he never wanted to lose me. In fact, he said that I was the best girlfriend he'd ever had, and that he never wanted to lose me. He seemed depressed sometimes and I kept checking to see if he was okay, and he said "Don't worry, I don't need to kill myself, I've got you." He looked at me like he was truly in love with me, and I think his feelings were genuine at the time.

A few weeks ago, he started acting a bit distant and cold, and I didn't really know why, but I'm not an obsessive, clingy type so I gave him his space and soon after went on holiday for a week abroad. We exchanged a few messages here and there, and 5 days before we officially broke, he told me he missed me.

I have no idea what happened, but a few days ago, he broke up with me. He seemed very confused about his life and didn't appear to really know what he was going or what he wanted, but he said he didn't feel the same anymore, he wasn't ready, and that he'd been feeling like that for a few weeks. I'm thoroughly hurt and confused at the moment as he says I've done absolutely nothing wrong and that I'm amazing in every single way, but he just doesn't feel it. The thing that's getting me is that he seemed like he was genuinely in love with me for the first month or so of our relationship. I really thought we'd last because we're made for each other. What happened? Could he be really depressed or something?


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  • Nothing happened, he is growing older and learning new feelings. He and you should do some more looking around and see what the next few years bring. Maybe you will find a better guy or maybe he will realise that you are the best there is. Life is interesting and there are some lovely people. Now you look for one better than him, always look for a better one, because they are there. Confusion is because he does not know what he wants yet.
    These things are not a loss, they are a lesson. Try to work out what kind of guy you want in life and how your life should be. These are difficult things to figure out.


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  • Whatever Is Going On With Him Maybe Caused It, But None The Less If A Person Feelings Are Truly There Then They wouldn't Break Up With Their Significant Other No Matter What, I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Just Move On, Dont Allow Him To Bring You Down, Keep Your Head Held High & Stay Positive...


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  • The flame of the fire was so great that it extinguished itself.

    Things that start quickly, intensify quickly, burn out quickly.


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