I like her help meee?

I stopped talking to a girl who I was a thing with for some stupid reason, now that I realized I was an idiot and that I really like her I don't know what to do. It got even worse when she started crying last week because she thought I didn't like her but then all the sudden my FRIEND starts hugging her and hu's with her. Now we don't even talk to each other. What do I do to win her back?
Ok one last question (for real this time). How do I get her in a position where I can tell her how I feel, I mean we go to the same school and everything but I don't want to make a scene an how do I tell her without seeming like a creep


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  • I think you should first talk to your friend before proceeding. It would be awkward if you win her back and then you have a fight with your best guy friends. Remember, your friends will last forever but a girlfriend doesn't always.

    • I don't mind being friends with him or not he's a dick for hooking up with her, do you have any advice on ow to get her to talk to me again

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    • okay if you have any other questions you can message me

    • i don't know her personally so i can't really help with that... talk to her friends :)

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  • i think that thing are awkward right now so you need to try and break the ice.. if you feel that you can approach her you can always explain to a friend of hers and ask them to help you.. if you are confident enough to approach her act friendly and see how she reacts... as i get she likes you too so in the end you just need to explain everything and i will hopefully be fine.. as for the friend did he did anything else or did he just comfort her? bc if its only the second one then he was just friendly:)


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, All You Can Do Is Tell Her How You Feel, Communication Is Key. If She Rejects You Then Back Off & Move On...

  • Tell me what tells you your mind? What is your idea for example?


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