Is it alright if I text? Should I just wait and see if he reaches out?

My Ex and I recently broke up. I've been missing him like crazy and I keep reaching out. He hasn't really responded except for once and I can tell he is still angry. Its been almost two days without communication. All my friends and family says he doesn't care about me and and he doesn't love me but I try to believe otherwise. It's late and I want to text "Love u and goodnight". Im not expecting a text back since he's been ignoring me anyways but I still wanna send it.. should I or should I just try to stick with the 30 day, no contact, breakup rule?
Guys: would u rather just have space?


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  • who broke up with who is my question? I'll give you an answer if you tell me that

    • He broke up with me but he was still coming around because we lived together. He thought it would be ok to be roommates while broken up.. Not speak to me, but sleep with me lije everything is good. uhhh no. I finally took the key and said im officially done.. But im missing him.

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    • Oh ok... Thanks :)

    • I hope it turns out for the best for you

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