Guys: what does it mean when ur BF says we are no longer together but he's not done with me?

My EX told me we werent together. Days later he said even though we aren't together it doesn't mean we are done.. does that mean we are taking a break? Im confused.. And I tried asking him but he won't answer my question.


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  • He's indecisive. He has one foot in the door and one out. He wants to keep you in his contacts. Tell him you are worth more !! Give him an ultimatum !!

    • Uhhh yeah, he's crazy if he thinks Im not worth it. Im not perfect and I know for a fact im no better than the next but Im probably the best thing that has happened to him. With the life he has and the life I came from, he should be thanking his lucky stars that I even stayed as long as I did with him. Ugh, the fact that I love him makes it worse. Especially if he thinks he's gonna keep me around just to be used.. Omg, guys can be dogs. Smh.

    • Seriously !! Loving him makes it so hard. But love isn't supposed to intentionally hurt or cause pain ya know? He KNOWS what he's doing !! Good luck !!

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  • You're either on a break or he wants to have casual sex with you.


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