I'm I losing my mind? Cause I think she's crazy?

So my gf broke up with me last month bcs she said I never made her feel special and that I was mean to her etc. I was hurt by what she said but I accept. So 2 weeks into the break up she starts drunk texting and stuff and I didn't wanna go there. The following week she drunk texts me again and I was drunk too and I ask her if she wants me to move on she said idk. So I told her I was. I unfollowed her from everything and I get an text from her asking if I unfollowed her I said yes and she said bye then. That same week I was down at A friends house and she drunk texts me again saying I know I hate her and that why won't I talk to her. I replied saying don't text me anymore. She gets mad and says I'm dead to her. 2 weeks after we met up and she told me she doesn't know what she wants. She texted me the other day and we talked all day. I don't know what to do


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  • She has trouble letting go. But you don't have to

    • The things that worries me is I know this girl still loves me and I'm worried soon she's gonna tell me she made a mistake

    • It doesn't matter.. Focus in how you feel. You are not responsible for her feelings

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