Would you give someone another chance if they left you three times?

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  • I *may* have given them a second chance... the chance to leave me that second time, but there's no way we'd even make it to me being left 3 times... definitely nothing after that either.
    No way... they need to make up their mind about what they want.
    I don't like "come and go" people much.


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  • No, three times is one too many, you deserve better!

  • No way. No matter what.

    • Solid. I like it. I've been a fool then.

  • It depends on why the person left me.

    • She left me because of her own issues, but initially claimed that I wasn't good enough. What do you think?

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    • I understand how you feel. I'm going through a heartbreak now as well. It will take time to get over her. I think it's best to avoid her so she can't hurt you anymore.

    • Thank you. You're right. The next time she calls me, I'm not picking the phone up.

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