How can I help my friend?

Well this started 2 years ago around July 20,2012 when I was 17 and my friend was 15, and we went to Starbucks in the mall were we saw my friend she was with her friend bryan and he ended up liking my friend so about a hour later she ended up adding the boy bryan on Facebook and they started talking and whatever so the next day they made a date to hang out and of course she brought me cause she's shy so we all went to the park were she and him left me Which they did all the time hanging out anyways they ended up having sex that night in the park and she fell in love with him and whatever and couple days later he cheated, lied and did other bull shit and 2 years later she's still not over him to the point she wants to kill herself and she cuts herself bad and she's been in and out hospitals and she's has a therapist and she still not over him not one bit and I stop hanging out with her due to my dad getting sick and having to get a job to help with bills and going to school but I still go on tumblr and see all the post and I feel really bad but I don't know what to do.


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  • Sadly there is nothing you can do. She apparently has some severe obsessive / depression disorder and needs professional help. Sadly you're hitting that age where you're going to see people you thought you knew so well change, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. The only thing you can do is be there for her if and when she decides to come out of her hole.


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  • OMG... what a jerk he is? does her family know the reason she acts like this? if not you should talk to them and help her because she really needs you right now! try get closer to her again and explain why you stop hanging out with her.. i also think that you need to have a talk with that "boy" and inform him what he caused.. i am really sorry for your friend and i hope she gets over it... good luck and keep us updated:)

    • They do know she told them herself but she doesn't listen all she listens to is that guy no one gets thur to her.

    • ok so what does the guy do about it? i mean he knows that she is like that because of him and came to the point were she hurts herself and he does nothing?

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  • She'd needs to find separation from him and break the obsession. It's not love. It's an obsession. She needs to find actual love.


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