Please help explain what my ex is doing?

so ill keep it short.. my ex and i broke up 2 years ago , she said she couldnt do this anymore but truth is she cheated on me with 3 guys. her best friends told me. she was also my first and i was hers... so we havnt had ANY contact at all.. she even blocked me on Facebook but that didn't bother me

so after all the stuff happened i havnt tried dating since... kind of left me hollow inside. so i see 2 days ago she shows up in people i may know which means she has unblocked me.

anywho my profile on Facebook is pretty public i dont hide anything but hers in completely hidden, i changed my profile photo an hour ago and guess what she does the same but she made the profile change public so i can see her and her boyfriend

so my question is what the hell is she trying to prove? its 2 years now... she should have moved on like i have... why does she unbloock me ffrom Facebook out of the blue then decide to change your profile photo and make it public right after i changed mine? all thoughts and opinions are welcome... just remember i am over her...


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  • I believe that by 'Unblocking' You, she wants to show you that after '2 years' And-------2 days of No contact-----She wants you to know she has found someone, her war wounds have been licked, that she has 'Moved on' like you yourself has, and that there are No hard feelings, my friend, she is saying. xx

    • thanks for the reply.. but here's the thing... she started to date this guy right after we broke up so 2 years ago.. she actually cheated on me with him... so its kinda weird to unblock me NOW of all times isn't it?

    • I think she may just want to let you know she has moved on, like I say, but may want bygones be bygones, and remain Friends... If she is not texting you or going in the chat box, just a helpful hint that---No hard feelings ecen on Facebook... Just a hunch, sounds like something I would do myself, believe it or not... xx

  • She wants to show you that she's over you and she has moved on. She thinks she makes you jealous by posting pics with her boyfriend. If you don't care about her, I think you should totally ignore what she does. Why did you check her profile anyway?

    • its kinda hard to miss if she keeps popping up all over my news feed

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    • then you could block her. All women want their ex'bfs to be single.. it's weird but that's how we work..

    • na won't block her.. blocking someone shows your bothered by them :) im not.. was just curious why the hell she would do it randomly now when she's had 2 years to "show off"her man

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