What does it mean when a guy tells you he wants to "take a breather on hanging out in the future"?

A guy told me this after I drunk textd him and basically said all men suck :( does it mean he never wants to hang out w me again or is there hope?

I don't know why I'm taking this rejection so hard, everything was going so well and I messed it up. I was hopeful he would understand it was just a mistake. I left him a voicemail asking to meet in person last night and that is my last attempt at this. Just need to know if I'm expecting this guy to be more mature and understanding.


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  • for your age group (im assuming he is in yours) he should be able to be understanding but may be a little repulsed by the immaturity you showed. but the question title basically means he wants some space lol. there is hope though, you just gotta get back on the right track.

    • He's in his early 30s and thank you for the response. I'm not contacting him anymore, ball is in his court I guess.

    • yeah you did all you could and the ball is in his court, nothing to do but wait at this point:P

    • Thank you for your help! :)

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  • What does it mean? Exactly that. He doesn't want to hang out with you. You expect him to be more mature and understanding? No offense but you were the imnmature one. You got drunk, you texted him that all men suck. Even if he isn't personally offended by that, maybe he's like me and can't stand to be around drunk people.

    You've apologized and acknowledged your mistake. If he comes back to you great, if not, consider it a lesson learned and control your alochol intake. I've seen alochol ruin too many good things.

    • Yes I know! I really messed up, the crazy thing is that I never get drunk and he actually liked my maturity for my age :/ ugh it was really stupid on my part and I was the first to accept that and try to clear my name. More than the alcohol, I'm just impulsive and too forward. Lesson learned indeed but how I wish he could remember all the good things about me. Not to sound conceited but I'm a pretty great woman and he was the only guy I've met so far who wasn't intimidated by me and my drive. Thank you though! I'm leaving it up to him!

    • We all make mistakes. If you've never done something like this before, maybe he'll forgive you. Either way though you've fessed up and that's 99% of it right there.

    • Thank you for your advice! :)

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