Is my ex gf in a rebound relationship?

ill make it quick. so my x girlfriend of 5 months broke up with me in a mutual breakup about a week and a few days ago Sunday morning.
however, just now i have been told she has already gotten with someone else. we were a very emotionally/sexually invested couple, and i can't imagine her moving on so quickly.
the guy she is dating is totally opposite of me and they just started talking when we broke up. he likes things opposite of me, he is very religious as her and i are not and we had deep conversations about, their goals are different, and the two just seem incompatible. our friends and i agree. And she posts all over Twitter pictures of them saying "I love this guy!!!" which she knows i am very active on Twitter and knows ill see them. she never did things like that with me. I feel like she may be trying to rub it in my face to hurt me and is using him to move on.

I was hoping to try to get back together with her and work things out but id only like to try if i knew that she did this because she was hurt and trying to fill the void, which i have been told by mutual friends she may be doing. but i won't if its genuine. i dont know. what does it sound like to you guys/gals? i love her and i think about her all the time and i honestly feel like our break up was a mistake and i think this is just her way of getting over it. but i don't know, I've never dealt with an ex doing something like this.


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  • I know how you feel. And yes she is. Or maybe she was already with him while you guys were together. But that's another topic !! Just tell her how you feel !! Ask to meet for lunch to talk or something !!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, It Will Be Hard But You Gotta Accept It, Stop Checking Up On Here & Seeing What She Is Doing, That Only Brings Pain, iSuggest Unfollowing Her On Twitter & Unfriending Her On Facebook. Let Her Go, Cut All Contact & Allow Your Feelings To Self Heal. it Will Be Difficult But Over Time You'll Feel Better...

    • But i feel like it isn't over and the breakup wasn't rough and i wanna try again... iknow she hasn't moved on bc this means she isn't quite over me because she said so. i love her a lot and i want to try to fix things.

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