Dealing with people who move away that you still had feelings for?

being from a small town I find over the years I've had to deal with this a few times , younger people seem to drift away either for school or careers. and recently its happened to be a couple times there has been girls I knew that left for various reasons usually for school far away or like a job out west.
recently this girl who lived down the street from me at parents place has moved away to the big city for school , however she's mid 20's and I think its more than a move for school and suspect its a permanent move if things work out there. we did hang out a fair bit during summer but never dated. I was close to her and knew all along she was going back to school but still hard to accept the fact she is geographically so far away now and might not ever move back to this town.
I'm not sure how to really deal with this , I have no interest in moving or even really visiting the city she's in now its just not my place to go. she's also not really kind of girl to do email thing or stay in touch much , she sort of makes friends with who she's around at present moment.


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  • I've been through this before and as hard as it seems you just need to forget about her and find someone new to be interested in. The more you miss her the harder and worse you'll feel.


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