Me And My GirlFriend Broke Up, And I Want To Get Back Together With Her. But She Keeps Saying That She doesn't Know What She Wants?

I Broke Up With My Girlfriend. And Right After I did i regretted it. The Next Day I Asked Her Out Again. But She Said She didn't know. Its Been A Week Now. and We Still Talk. But What I Asked To Get Back Together She Said She Wants To And At The Same Time She Doesnt. She keeps telling me that she doesn't know what she wants. What Do I Do Or Say? Its Been A Week Since I asked her to take me back.


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  • Don't chase her because it'll push her away farther. I was stuck between two problems wanting my ex back and wanting to move on. So I took him back and I got hurt but i healed. I would give her some space and then see what happens then. If she doesn't know what she wants then she doesn't know what she wants. My ex doesn't know what he wants either but that doesn't mean I chase him or anything I just keep walking and ignore him. I had regretted breaking up with mine to but after a while things got easier for me and I finally knew what I deserved and who I wanted to be with. As for right now I'm in high school and trying to focus on my studies and my school work. Just give her some space and give her sometime and force her to be with you if she can't decide between what she wants.

  • why did you break up with her?

    • I Broke Up With Her Because We Had A Stupid Argument, And I Got Really Angry And I Wasn't Thinking Straight, I Said Things That Weren't True. And That's When I Said That I Wanna Break Up.

    • Did you apologize?

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