2 years apart. He's sniffing around again?

Total bullet points:
• Friends for years
• Started a relationship
• Did the back & Forth thing
• broke up
• We both matured
• Stayed in contact
• 2 years later he's coming back around

Help! I love him but he broke my heart.
  • Should I let go of the past & see where it leads
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  • Make him show me he wants me back
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Thank both you. Very different answers but I appreciate it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, If You Choose To Reconcile iStrongly Suggest Taking Things Slow, Me Personally iWouldnt Take That Chance Again, Some People Change But He Broke Your Heart & iKnow It Took A Lot Of Time For That To Heal, Dont Set Yourself Up For Failure Again, A Heartbreak Is Very Very Difficult Belive Me iKnow, If You Want Too You Guys Can Become Friends. If You Know Your Feelings Will Eventually Grow Then Dont Even Be His Friend...


Most Helpful Girl

  • So many red flags already. It's going to be the same shit that happened before. Of course if he broke your heart already, he's bound to do it again.

    It'll be a little awkward being together again, since you've gone through it already with him. Everything will happen all over again.

    From past experience, I suggest that you just let him go all-in-all. If you're not ready to do that, remain friends, but nothing more.

    I hope everything works out. xoxo


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  • look, you should give him a chance to prove you... yes he love s you... am not saying just get into him deeply, but at least you should give him an opportunity...


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