GUYS , if you break up with your ex because she lied. Would you take her back no matter the circumstance?

I miss my ex like crazy !! I love him so much. He said I just need to move on. He says he still cares and loves me. We agreed to be friends... I couldn't do it. So we just parted ways.

We LOVE each other. WE were best friends. He's an amazing guy !!!

I can't though :( I was hesitant to tell him about my past relationship. ( first time ) I took money from my trust fund early (second time ) which is a huge NO NO !! Basically like stealing.

So he pretty much hates me. I broke his trust. Understood but I think the MAIN reason why he wants to end is because he's in the navy and moving to Japan in December. We both just moved him to DC me to California.

But he is the love of my life. How do I attract him back and to have him feel the way he should? Would you take me back?


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  • There is nothing you can do to attract him back so I wouldn't invest much thought into that. I know that's not what you want to hear but it's the truth and it will help you find happiness faster. There is a reason lies are bad and this is a perfect example, no matter how small the lie is. You have to be honest about everything, no secrets. Plus, you don't want the karma for lying to someone coming back at you, not good. The problem here is going to be the factor of the distance between you two. I honestly believe the best answer here is time. It takes time for people to remember all the good things. Some people harp on the bad things for way too long and that won't ever work in your favor. I would recommend no contact. If you keep contact with him, you will remain in this state and will feel helpless. Your not a bad person for lying but there are consequences to these things and people have different ideas on those consequences as well. I'm sorry, I know it's hard but you can't put your life on idle for someone, you'll end up regretting it regardless.

    • Thanks so much. We talked early this morning. I hurt him REAL bad and he doesn't feel be same (consequences) . But I told him the truth. So that made me feel better. Thanks so much. Definitely have to move on from my sake

    • That's good. Keeping it civil always leaves that door open, in case something was to happen in the future. Best of luck.

    • Haha no he wasn't civil at all !! But thanks so much !!

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  • You lied, that's it, you're not trustable, you have a slim to no chance to get back with him


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