Tempted to check my ex's Facebook page?

so I've gone on a fast from Facebook for about a month since my ex and i broke up because I'm scared to see all the pics of him and girls and such. but now I'm getting curious. should i check it out?
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  • i wouldn't becuase say if you do see him with a girl it will just make u feel insecure and he isn't worth that just move on find some one better and you will be so busy with your new bf you won't even care about your ex or just hang out with your girl friends that always helps


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  • nope bad idea.. you'll only feel bad with yourself if he looks to be fine and you're still a little hurt so better be safe than sorry (:

    • sigh. i guess ur right. it just suck to like abandon all of my social media out of fear :/

    • ]I know it's hard but you can do it (: maybe just open a new account on Twitter and fangirl or something though that one, use it as a distraction

  • Go ahead and check it, but be prepared for what your eyes may see.


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