Ex is talking to me when I thought he hated me?

So I texted him first, haven't talked to him since almost a year ago. I just wanted to kill him with kindness and wish him good luck at his football game, WELL he responded and kept up the conversation when I send texts that didn't need to be responded to. THEN after his game he texted me, I told him that because he texted me I lost a bet ( which I did ) and he said "I'm ok then just say I didn't and delete the text and since you don't want me to text you then I won't so I guess bye". Then he later asked why I thought I hated him and I said why wouldn't I. He said because I never said I did. And now we are having a pretty normal conversation. Now ever since we broke up he's been pretty much watching me. It doesn't even matter who he is with but when I look at him he will turn away quicker than a frog jumps. I dont understand any of this.


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  • You just rekindled some old feelings in him I suppose.

    Time heals all wounds, so it very well could be that he's gotten over it long time ago.


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  • No you're giving home the authority to talk to you when HE wants to. Switch that baby girl and fast !! Don't overlook that. Is nice that he wants to talk to you. Even though you're over it doesn't give him a right just to talk to you like nothing ever happened ya know?

    • I get what you are saying and trust me I'll probably not be responding for quite awhile.

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    • I'm not gonna talk to him haha

    • Good !! Good luck love !!!

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  • Sounds like he has been missing you and perhaps was relieved to find out you don't hate him and maybe just maybe he could be friends or have you come back? :)

    • I'd have to think about going back for quite awhile, I mean things happened for a reason but at the same time if someone comes back it was supposed to happen, right?

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