HELP? Ladies my ex. Is giving me mixed signals HELP?

Me and my ex dated for 3years we lived together for 2 of those years. We both fell deep in love with each other. Towards the end I was being a really bad boyfriend I didn't give as much attention as I should have. We had a huge fight the night before I left to a new state for a job offer and we have been broken up for 6 months now. She has a new bf who was a friend from high school who was stalking her Facebook. Well here is where it get crazy since they got together she cried to me say she doesn't want me to be nothing her and that she still wanted me in her life she know I can't be her friend. She called me today and said that she doesn't love her new boyfriend and that she still cares for me she is 22 and I'm 28. She also said "I care for someone (me) I don't think I can be with?" Also"she said"she still loves me" I said to her our connection was genuine and true love doesn't fade"she agreed about true love doesn't fade... also that that our connection was genuine and that we played the cards we where delt" ladies what does this mean? At the moment she lives in Atlanta and I live in Ca but I am moving back to Atlanta in a few weeks. What should I do? Or give me some advise on what she is telling me?


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  • She seems upset and misses you. If your feelings are the same take it slow and try it out again

  • If you want her back, go get her back. I think she's being sincere when she says she wants you back.


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