Should I tell him that I'm really not okay?

My ex dumped me and lied to me about the reason. I later found out that he started dating a girl the day after he dumped me. I wasn't completely obvious about the effect this had on me. This is mainly because I almost always smile, ecen when I'm upset. I'm also very bad about showing my true feelings if it will make someone feel bad. Due to these facts, he seems to think that I am completely ok with what he's done, even though I'm far from it. Tonight he found out that I deleted his number and he seemed awful upset. I think it was the first indication he got that I was unhappy. My friend thinks I should talk to him alone and tell him how I'm feeling. I try to avoid drama if at all possible and think I'll just sound pathetic and overly sentimental if I do. Should I tell him how I really feel? If so, is there a particular way I should do so?


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  • Just forget about him. move on. It will hurt him more if you show him it doesn't you (even tho it does) and move on. :)


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