Conflicting schedules: reason to break up?

me and my boyfriend have been on and off for 3 years now. we didn't see much of eachother in the past, however just recently we both started new jobs and have very conflicting schedules. I am unsure of what to do about the relationship now since we will only see eachother a few days out of the month. Is there a point to continue this? There are a lot of numerous problems that contribute to my idea of the break up as well.. sex life.. dislike of friends and family.. etc.. and this is just the cherry ontop. Should this be something we should be able to fix.. or is 5 days out of the month to little to maintain a relationship?


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  • What are u gonna do, live the rest of your life hving a bf u only see 5x a month? Of course you're not! You're both very young and fortunately u shared 3good years together (quite a milestone for folks your age - congratulations, lol)! Altho, the time has come for you both to move on. It may seem bittersweet at first but the bright side is you can still be friends and at least it didn't come down to tou ending up hating each other & being the reason for the break up. Your lives have changed. Be grateful for the times you shared and feel lucky you can still be friends who support each other in accomplishing your lifes goals. Trying to stay together would only be depriving you both of the many opportunities you both have coming to you.

    • Well said... I agree! But I also think they can make it work if they want.

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