What is going on through his mind? somebody please help?

So my ex broke up with me couple of months back (I hurt him) since we've broken up we have always still been in each other life (he's never been friends with an ex before) but with me he still asks to be friends.. we end up being more than friends (just kiss/hug) but when I ask to be together he says "we are too diffrent" when we c each other and hug it's like he misses me hug and when I talk to my friends about guys or he sees me talking to a guy he gets jealous.. shld I give him space or slowly be faithful and stick around till he's ready?


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  • He certainly seems to be emotionally attached to you at least a little bit. I suggest you to give him some space, but at the same time not cut him out of your life completely. Hopefully things should work out, if both of you put efforts into into. There is no reason why 'different' people can't be in a relationship. It just needs time and effort from both to make it work.

    • That's what I wish he'd understand that who cares if we are diffrent I honestly think he's just scared to be with me.. I've told him before it hurts being his friend when I cnt be nothing more and he tells me if you love me as you say that shld be more reason for you to stay.. it's like he doesn't want me to close but yet he doesn't want me to leave either.. my friends tell me just to leave him but my heart feels something is still there.. i think guys to they shut down and dnt admit anything or show emotion.. and it's hard to read him sometimes

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    • Ok I'll definitely keep that in mind :)

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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