I can't get over my ex?

on this 24th September at 8:46 pm it will be 2 years since our breakup but i still love her and can't get over her, i just don't like any other girl why :(


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  • Hey. Same here. It's been a year since he broke my heart. After 8 years together. Worst part is he has started coming around again confusing me & it sucks. I can't move on I feel frozen in place. I totally understand the awful pain you feel. Only thing that's helped me is hang out with friends & family. Mine have been real supportive. I also started seeing a therapist cause I am literally going crazy. Keep your head up. It's tough I know. :(

    • well mine one is certainly out of touch but i just can't stop thinking about her some thimes

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  • Hey, bud. I'm in a similar boat. One month, she was a bitch but I still love her even though I try my damndest to hate her. Just keep suffering through. It's all anyone can do, it seems like.

    • same here but she wasn't a bitch :)

    • I'm not actually sure if bitch is the right term, but she had me so twisted up and backwards that I don't know what else to call her...

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  • go back to her than...
    what's the problem? you will get accepted or rejected
    in either case it will be helpful
    she might also want you.. who knows..
    give one chance to your love and yourself..


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