Any tips on how to move on?

My ex bf is my best guy friend. We've known each other for more than 12 yrs. Our relationship lasted for a good year or so? (We didn't keep count) and ended 9 months ago. He has a new girl, he just introduced her to me a couple of days ago. We still hangout though but not as much as before. Should I stop hanging out with him for a bit just to get over him? Or any other advice?


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  • Get over it. Don't stop hanging out, he is your old friend. Only cease to have any feeling about him.
    Your time with him is over and you have learned, felt and enjoyed a lot with him.
    Life now has something more important in store for you. Enjoy that and just let go the old days.

  • you might want to separate yourself from him for while. being around an ex who you were that close to can make it really hard to move on. things might not be the same when you decide you're over him but give it some time and things should work out


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