Broke up and I have to return stuff he's given me so?

My (ex) boyfriend said I was the best thing that has ever happened to him, well we broke up and now I have to go and return stuff to him. I want him to see that I was in fact the best thing that has happened to him. So, what should I wear when I do go and meet him? Also, I want to say to him because of you, I lost my best friend, and you made me chose you or my friendship with this other guy and now I am left with nobody, Is that selfish of me to say? I only let go of my friendship with so many people because I thought this was going to be a lasting relationship.. but I was wrong..


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  • Did he actually ask for the stuff back, or do you just want to take it to him?

    • He asked.

    • Give his stuff back and get your stuff back. Then move on. Don't worry about making him jealous, or filling him with regret about the break up. Just move on. You'll never be satisfied with seeing him hurt the way you hurt. You'll just drag out your own sadness.

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