Should I give him the stuff he bought me back?

so my ex and I have been broken up for about 5 months, and I started to talk to him and just asked if we could be friends again and he said "were nothing" "dating was a mistake" "I don't care what you have to say" and so on.
well that being said, I have the stuff he gave me in my closet and if he really thought it was a mistake should I just give it all back to him? or is that just wrong and stupid? most of it is just small stuff that I could easily hand over to him


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  • I hate it when broken-up couples do that. It's childish to me. I don't know what kind of stuff your belongings are but, change them into money. Sell them if they are valuable and donate the money. Or just give them to someone if they need it. This is the best use for them. Returning them -at least for me- is plain ridiculous and a sure way that they go to the trash. This way they will not be useful for anyone.

    • okay, thanks. I was just wondering because after he gave me a letter I wrote to him for Christmas and I don't know if that meant he wanted his stuff back or if he really thinks us dating was a mistake. idk, I'm just confused.
      but I'll just leave the stuff in the closet.
      thank you

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