What matters more the length the divorce was final or separation period length itself?

What if a guy has no kids, has been divorced only a few months BUT has been separated for two years and the divorce started a few months after the separation but took a while to finalize. Tells you the relationship was fully over for two years... and moved out of the marital home two years ago.

He took over a year to himself and did not date for a while to get over things. But now after some time he feels ready to date again and has not been in a relationship in two years.

He says straight out for a while I was not ready for another relationship. I spent a lot of time finding hobbies and going on vacation and spending time with friends. But I waited over a year and now I feel ready again.

He also acts consistent, commitment minded, introduces the girl to friends and family. Is very devoted and caring. Does not act at all like he is rebounding. Says he wants a family he just has to feel ready but would get married again down the road. Assures the girl he took time to himself and he feels ready to be in a relationship again.

And in my gut I really do think he is serious about the relationship. I've dated many flakey commitment phobic men and he seems to be committed and moving at a normal pace. I certainly feel like he is knowing me for me and trying to make me happy.


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  • He sounds serious.

    • Had I not known he was divorced I would have no doubts he's serious. He doesn't bring her up often once in a while but not that much. More like talking about where he used to live or general things about his old life. He waited weeks to mention her at all. I'm his first gf since he could have dated other women before and I hope he did. I'm sure he did. But since he's been broken up with the ex for years and says he is ready to move on do you think I am ok?

    • Sounds like he's given enough time to be ready, but nobody knows for sure. You just have to decide to take the chance and quit worrying about it.

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