Break up advise! I need advise on how to brake up with the long distance relationship I have with my girl?

so my girlfriend left for college 2 weeks ago and the last time i saw her ( 2 weeks ago) I was gona brake up with her bc i don't really believe in long time relationships... but we ended up having sex, and I couldn't bring myself to do it.
She left, and i really think she's taking this too serious, the bad thing is that im feeling the same way. I can't get her out of my mind. But the point is that i can't fool myself and i need advise on a way to brake up with her next week when she comes visit. without hurting her like blaming all on me but nothing typical like ( its not you its me). thank you.


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  • There's no way you're going to BREAK up with her without hurting her feelings. She wants to be with you, you want to end it, That's not going to make her feel good no matter how nicely you try to say it.

    So get that out of your head.

    Tell her how you feel about her (you love her etc.) and then just explain very clearly and plainly that you want to break up and why. Also explain why you don't think it will work.

    The most important thing is to be very CLEAR in what you tell her. Don't leave any room for guessing.


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  • So what you're saying is you love her but because of your narrow views on long-distance, you want to ruin it all?

    • I just need to have someone that is close. i can't be without someone for a long time. as a guy you should understand...

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    • bro she's amazing and i know there is no future in us, she can find someone that makes her happy its like letting her free yeah it will hurt even i will feel like shit for awhile but the more time that goes by the worst it will be.

    • Baha bro I've been through that. Trust me when I say you're just being dramatic. Try it out, you'll be surprised.

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