What does it mean when your ex boyfriend says he loves you like family?

Alright so i dated this guy for nearly 4 years. He broke up with me about a week ago because in these four years, while he changed and became outgoing, i stayed a shy, introvert. When i asked him if he still loved me, he said, "yes"
"as a friend?"
"no, you're family"
Can someone please explain what that means?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It is easier for people to think of Exs as something else other than "that friend I dated". Saying family is just him not fully comfortable with referring to you as a friend but is not mean enough to call you anything less than family. Family is nice, family is not bad.

    • Hmmm i don't mind being family. It's just a confusing label to be transferred to =__=

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  • More than a friend. Family (normally) is people you are very comfortable with and can trust.


What Girls Said 1

  • it means he adore you, trust you, feel comfortable and good with you..
    who we love most in this world? our families offcourse
    i think its a great compliment..
    if my bf would say this to me.. i would be really happy...


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