How do I win a guy back?

I was sorta dating this guy, let's call him Bear. Well, I went over to a guy's house and we had sex. The guy was a friend of Bear's and my ex boyfriend. I've already begged for forgiveness and told him how much I fucked up. I still love him and he says he still loves me. How do I get him back?


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  • Yeah seriously space is the best thing you can do and I get that it's so hard to do! I'm in the same boat right now with a guy I really liked, I messed up by drunk texting the guy and now he wants nothing to do with me, ugh uts so bad bc guys like the chase and we are not allowing them to do that, so do like me now and just make sure your last communication attempt is reflecting you as calm, collected, and at peace with his decision. You don't want to leave him with your last message showing you all desperate, men hate that! It sucks but time and space is what will maybe make him reconsider you.


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  • Aw! That was a tough one.. Give him some time. You said you were sorry. He still loves you but you can't deny the fact that he might think whenever you get fucked up, same thing will happen. So give him some space. Then show him how sincere you are about your feelings for him.

  • Give him space!


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