I broke up with my girl but I think I still love her. I'm only worried that she has not changed, and possibly not ready to make amendments?

I broke up with my girl barly one month ago after series of frantic efforts to let her understand how uncomfortable I was about her poor attitude, proved abortive. I couldn't cope with her constant harassment, ungratefulness, insult, lack of logical sense of judgement and un-remorseless. Barely a month now I couldn't still get her off my mind but I think i'm caught in-between both the emotional torture I received from her and the fact that I still love her. PLEASE HELP.
@Bizzz. Thanks a million. That's so thoughtful.


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  • Follow your heart.. my ex broke up with me and he said he felt I was similar to what you described about your girl but on my side of the story there was more to what he created and accused me of. Now we are not together but he seems like he is back and forth with me like he still has feelings for me but won't commit my belief is he is scared of being with me as much as apart of him still misses me. It's heartbreaking because I love him so much and wish I cld get a second chance but at the moment I don't know what to do


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  • We've all been here man. After a breakup is always the same feeling. Regret or loneliness, missing feelings and stuff like that. You don't love her, thats just your emotions getting in the way and making you feel like that. You need a girl that is nothing like your ex and does't insult you or treat you like shit. What you need to do is block all contact with her, and block her off social media so you're not able to look at photos of her or anything like that. It will help you get your mind off of her. Also, you need to realize that there is an abundance, a never ending supply of girls out there in the world that are better than your ex girlfriend. Girls that would do anything for you, that would compliment you, treat you right, cook for you, cheer you up, and all that good stuff. You need to gather yourself and go out and meet that new girl. It's killing you and killing your emotions just sitting there thinking about your ex. You broke up with her for a reason and its time to move on. You're future will be better trust me, you just have to snap out of it and go out and meet other girls. Good luck brother.


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