Why would my ex bf blocked me on fb when we weren't even friends?

I was in a long distance with my ex. We were good friends before. We were serious and he was thinking of moving to my city for his graduate study. My friends didn't like the way he was treating me and I also didn't like it. He just wasn't what I was looking for in a relationship. I was the one who ended it even though I still loved him and wanted to be with him but I knew we weren't working out. I was so hurt from the break up that I blocked him on fb immediately. I would have deactivated my account to stop myself from messaging him (we always private messaged each other every day) and looking at his profile but fb is the main way I talk to my friends.

A week later I unblocked him (so we were no longer fb friends) and I emailed him apologizing for blocking him and explained that it was because the break up was hard for me and it was my way of healing. I told him that I'd still like to be friends but he never replied.

Two weeks later I noticed that he had blocked me on fb coz his name usually pops up when I search for my friend. I don't understand why he would have gone through the effort of blocking me coz 1) I only use fb to private message friends, I never post anything/upload photos etc 2) My profile is private to the public. You can only see my profile and cover photos but no statuses.

Does my ex really hate me? It's been 3 months now and he won't talk to me anymore. I miss him as a friend since we were friends before we dated. Will he ever talk to me again?


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  • He doesn't hate you but he doesn't want to talk to you. You've already said you don't want to date him so let him go. Trying to be friends afterwards isn't necessary not is it a good idea. There are plenty of people in the world and plenty of friends to be made. When exes are friend one or both are going to suffer for a while to save a relationship that's probably not gonna go anywhere. If you want to date him again but just not sure about doing it right now then that's what you should say if you honestly don't want to date him and just want to be friends then you need to just let him go.


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