How to talk to my ex?

Okay so my boyfriend and I broke up almost a week ago. The thing is, nothing was wrong beforehand-we weren't fighting or anything. He started acting weird for a couple weeks and then he didn't text/call me AT ALL for 3 days and when he finally did I naturally was pissed and flipped out saying I was "done". (I told him specifically he had to talk to me everyday cause my last boyfriend NEVER talked to me). So instead of trying to get me back or anything he just says "so you wanna break up?" He claims he can't juggle school and working on the farm and a girlfriend but I never forced him to hang out with me during the week, etc. I've always been completely understanding about him being busy ALL THE TIME, always being late, and canceling plans all the time (he's a dairy farmer so milking runs late, etc). When I told him we should talk face to face (this was all through text) he replied with "we can talk but what done is done we're not getting back together". At this point I wasn't aware we even broke up. He told his friends I broke up with him because I was mad we could never hang out, which isn't true. I never broke it off and I was mad that he didn't text me for 3 days. We met and I gave him his stuff back and I could tell he was upset but he didn't even try to talk about anything. I truly don't think he realizes when I girl says "I'm done" it doesn't mean we're actually done. Usually you fight and work it out, not just break it off. I think there was just straight up confusion. I wasn't upset about it until this morning cause I had a dream last night that we talked it out. He's never once treated me badly, always been a gentlemen, we've never argued, and everyone (even our parents) thoughts we'd be together forever. Basically, I just wanna talk to him and talk about it and such and I don't know maybe try to fix us? I'm not sure. I just don't know how to go about it. Any advice here would be great...


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  • ok so i think you messed up a bit... lol just kidding.. anw i think that you should talk to him cuz after you told him you are done he got it like "its the end" and i am a girl and i think that if someone told me that i would think that he means it and doesn't want to see me again.. so maybe you expressed it in a wrong way (what you really meant... i mean your intentions werent to break up with him right?) so i think you should talk with him and explain him what you meant and that it was a misunderstanding in a way.. be honest and if he really loves you he will understand you..! good luck:)


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