He told me he wants to avoid me?

Why would my ex boyfriend tell me that he wants to avoid me?
He told me this, the last time we spoke. I haven't contacted him in weeks.
Yes, He never knew his dad. He was involved in an abusive relationship before me. He is abusing drugs even now still and was in a gang. Even his current home environment in toxic. So should I continue being there for him? or leave him alone for now?


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  • NC= no contact
    There is not enough info for me to answer this. If he asks for space give it to him. If you don't that will do nothing to help yourself.

    • He didn't ask for space, he only told me that he wants to avoid me. We broke up mutually and agreed to be friends. everything was good until we argued. I apologised on my part and he accepted my apology but didn't apologise for what he said. Since then he has been ice cold and I've tried to be there as his friend. He was in an accident recently and I told him if he needs anything I'll be there for him. I haven't contacted him since then as I deleted him off FB etc because every time I made the effort to make contact and he did not ANYMORE.

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    • I suspected he was full of shit. Just learn from this. He is not a good person so no need to upset yourself over this. I will follow you on my list and be there to talk to ok?

    • Please do... I feel really hurt right now :(

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  • BecUse you're not together so he's doing NC


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