Should I call his mom?

My BF recently broke up with me. I guess over an argument we had and it just went too far. Its been a hard few weeks for me. I've been trying to reach out to him and he's been ignoring me. I recently reached out to his mother through Facebook just to vent. My family doesn't really wanna talk so I went to her. She wrote me back and she seemed very sincere. About 2 hrs after she wrote me she sent me her number and asked me to call her. I never called her but now because im missing my ex, im tempted. Should I call or not? And if I do, how should I start the convo?


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  • Just move on. When relationships are dead, they're dead


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  • Yeah call her, won't hurt any.

    • Is there any specific way to start off the convo? Im really nervous and I dont know what to say.

    • Hey, sorry for the delay, been meaning to call, how are you?

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