How can I get inside his head?

So I'm getting a little confused. I was seeing this guy for about four months until he decided to end it with me after some stupid stuff that happened. But anyway it ended horrible, we never got a closure. We didn't talk for about a month and it sucked completely. I have never been so stressed out in my life, I cried every night and barely ate. I didn't want to do anything, I just never thought my heart could break as bad as it did. Now I work three jobs and still going to school, trying to keep myself distracted.

Anyway now he re-added me on Facebook after I deleted him, and he messaged me asking me why I did that. Then he snapchats me, but yet he barley texts me. So then he texted me a important question which I won't repeat, and then stopped. Then goes ahead the next day and texts me asking me "If I'm seeing someone else" I told him no that I'm not interested in anyone else since I'm still hung up on him.

He told me finally why he started to ignore me and thats because he saw that three guy friends were my "best friends" on snapchat. It doesn't mean anything since I barley use snapchat as it is. So then he told me that he was going to see if he could go to the concert with me, which we were suppose to go together anyway before he ended it with me. He tells me that it sucks how it ended with us when we were still trying to get to know each other. He is so hung up still on his past that it seems like he's afraid to move forward..

I'm just so confused. Why would he care what I do or who I talk to if he ended things with me? I still like him a lot and would love to hang with him, but I don't know if he would even want too. I tried to get over him but I couldn't... I don't know what to do, and with him texting me stuff like that just confuses me. It's hard for him to even open up with me and tell me whats going on so that doesn't help.

Is he jeaous? Does he miss me? What is he thinking?


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  • Be honest. Not for his sake but yours. If it's bothering tell him exactly what your saying to us. Don't be afraid. But it sounds like you really don't miss him but you miss the memories like the laughs and fun.
    He's thinking about you. And is wondering how you are.

    Be transparent.
    Goodluck love !!


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