Did I handle things the right way?

Back in January of 2014, I officially met this girl at a BBQ named Jacquelin. She had recently been dumped by her boyfriend of two years in mid December 2013. Me being nice, I talked to her and we instantly clicked. Soon after that day, I asked for her phone number via Facebook and it went off from there. We were texting nonstop. She then started getting really close to me and started suggesting hanging out at her place and going to the mall etc. Everything that we would do, she would post on Facebook. (Note, at the time, I had her ex boyfriend, Josh, on Facebook but she didn't) So anyways, as time passed, she kept getting closer to me and we started making out and whatnot. But, mid March 2014, her ex boyfriend came back into the picture and tried talking to her again. He made it clear he wanted her back, all because things didn't workout with the girl he dumped her for. She added him on Facebook again and they started talking and hanging out. She juggled me and Josh until May, when I realized that I developed feelings for her. I told her I needed to talk to her, and so did she. But before I could ask her out, she told me she was back together with him. I was crushed and told her I need time to re-cooperate. I didn't text her for two days, but soon after, she texted me and told me how much she missed me and that she broke up with Josh... To wrap up the story, she made me feel like I had a chance with her and lead me on for two more months but still kept talking to her ex, and when I officially asked her out, she denied me, told me she's always been afraid to hurt me, told me to forget about her, and to move on. Soon after, she started hanging out with her ex a lot more. She tried to talk to me after a week, and mid conversation I decided to delete her from Skype, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram because it hurt seeing them together in pictures and stuff. Was this the right move? To completely block her off like that?


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  • Yes it was the right thing to do. You need to move on so you need to do NC. Delete her from everything so you'll be able to move on


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