Is he really trying to friend zone me for good or is there something more?

My ex and I broke up less than 3mths ago (he broke up with me) he's told me he wants us to be friends but when we are around each other he has hugged me and even kissed me only when we are alone. He txts me at times how my day was but wnt commit to me just yet. I'll ask to hang out and until recently he said we can do something. he's gotten jealous before when I talk to guys.. but like a I said when I ask to be together he says at the moment we cant. What's going on? Am I being pushed to be friendzoned or is he confused? I dnt know to keep pushing at being there or make him miss me


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  • He says 'at the moment'. So, he definitely not friendzoned you permanently. Besides, since you were together before, it is technically not possible for either of you to friendzone the other on a permanent basis (even if you don;t get back together at some point).


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  • You Guys Aren't Together So He Has No Reason To Get Upset With You When You Talk To Other Guys, If iWere You iWouldnt Be His Friend & Imma Tell You Why. He Still Wants You To Be Dedicated To Him & Not Talk To Anybody Else Because He Is Being Selfish & Inconsiderate. You Can Either Give Him A Ultimatum Or Just End Altogether Including The Friendship...


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