I want my ex girlfriend back ! Help !?

Me and my gf have been together for 8 months. We were truly happy and everyone thought we were the cutest. I started working on a new project and got so caught up I wasn't how i used to be with her and she said it got boring with me and it isn't how it used to be. So she broke up with me this week and said she needed time to think about what she wanted and to be single. But she wants to still talk me me and be my friend and i refused. then another night, she says I'm her baby at the end if the day and only wants me, and switches again. I went to get my stuff from her house the other day and I saw her just look at me, and I asks her what? And she said nothing.. Like it was a something. She's giving mixed signals. But doesn't text or call me back. What do I do? I was planning on wooing her and winning her back. I need help !!!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, If She isn't Returning Your Calls Or Text Then Let Her Go. Being Ignored Is A Clear Sign Of Them Not Wanting Else To Do With You, If You Want Her Back Then See If She Initiates Contact First, If She doesn't Then Let It Go, You Can't Force A Relationship So Dont Even Try...

    • your 10000% right and i haven't talked to her all day. i'm completely finished with the trying. she just called me 3 times in a row and i ignored them

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